Stimulus to Individual Scientific Employment

Stimulus to Individual Scientific Employment

'Stimulus to Individual Scientific Employment 2017' Call (pre-applications)


ISPA - Instituto Universitário welcomes pre-applications to the 'Stimulus to Individual Scientific Employment 2017' Call, for research contracts opened by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT).


ISPA - Instituto Universitário has 3 R&D Units financed by the FCT.

  • WJCR is a R&D Unit in Psychology. Currently, the WJCR has two thematic groups, one focusing on Fundamental Psychology and the other on Translational Psychology. The former specializes in Cognition and Development in a social context and brings a diversity of interlinked research lines. The latter is engaged in Health and Well-being.


  • MARE-ISPA is one of the 6 poles of a R&D Unit in Marine Biology. Current MARE – ISPA research lines are the study of fish and larval ecology, monitoring and conservation, biogeography, phylogeny, phylogeography and evolution; estuarine and freshwater fish and marine mammals and birds.


  • CIE is a R&D Unit in Educational Sciences. Currently, the CIE comprises two research thematic lines focused on the acquisition of written language in the educational contexts and in the emotional components of the educational process.


We invite candidates interested to apply to the FCT 'Stimulus to Individual Scientific Employment 2017'Call with one of ISPA´s R&D Units as their host institution to send the required information to  addressed to Unit’s Coordinator (in the subject of the email please write: 'Stimulus to Individual Scientific Employment 2017´ followed by WJCR, CIE or MARE).


Candidates must express their interest through the submission of the following documents:


1. Motivation letter, with up to two contact for references
2. Detailed Scientific Curriculum vitae
3. Scientific Project aligned with FCT requirements for this call (2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development) and ISPA´s R&D Units objectives (max. 2 pages)
4. Level to which the candidate will apply (Junior Researcher, Assistant Researcher , Principal Researcher or Coordinating Researcher)


There is a NEW Deadline for online submission of proposals to the FCT: 16 February, 2018.


All applications must follow the FCT regulations:

Horários e Contactos

Atendimento a Investigadores:

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4ª feira das 15:00h às 17:00h


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Fax.: 218 860 954




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